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About the Competition

Writ Petition Drafting is one of the most indispensable parts of the Indian Legal System. The All India Writ Drafting competition aims at giving the budding mind of the legal fraternity an opportunity to understand the practical dynamics of Writs

The objective of the Competition is to improve and deepen the level analytical and critical thinking by involving the participants in some real-life practical problems. The participants would be required to draft one Writ Petition on the given propositions.

Preposition/Factual Problem for the Competition

Download: Factual problem PDF 


  • The Competition shall be open for the students currently pursuing their Bachelor’s Degree in law i.e. 3-Year LL.B. course or 5-Year LL.B. course from any recognized university/school in India.
  • There is no restriction on the number of entries from any college or university.

Team Composition

  • Individual participation or participation in a team of two is allowed.
  • In one team, participants from different universities or schools or colleges are also allowed.
  • The substitution of any Team Member is not allowed after the registration deadline except in extenuating circumstances and only with permission of the Organizer.

How to Register?

  • There shall be a nominal non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 80/- for Single participant and Rs. 120/- for the team of two.
  • The participants have to pay the registration fee in the manner hereinafter provided.
  • The payment screenshot must be attached within the registration form.
  • After the successful registration, each participant or team shall be allotted a unique team code for further references.
  • Registration Form Link:

Payment Details

  • Payment has to be made on +91 989372253 with any UPI App(Paytm/Phonepe/Google pay etc.)
  • If you are facing any problem in making the payment, kindly email at ,they could suggest some other methods for your convenience.

Important Dates

S. NO.EventDate
1Registration OpensSeptember 23, 2020
2Last Date to RegisterOctober 10, 2020
3Last date for the submission of Draft PILsOctober 15, 2020
4Declaration of ResultsOctober 30, 2020 (Tentative)

Submission Guidelines

1.1  Submission of Writ Petition

  • Each participating Team must prepare ONE Writ Petition.
    • If a participant/team wishes to submit any annexures to support his/her arguments contained in the memorial [for instance Reports, Commentaries, New Clippings, Pictures, etc.] a compendium of all the relevant annexures must be prepared and should sent along with thememorial.
    • All submissions must reach us on this email address: till 11:59 P.M., October 15, 2020 with the Subject of the email as “Writ Petition Draft of Team Code-ABC”
  • Any submission made after the deadline specified shall attract a penalty of deduction of 0.5 marks per hour from the aggregatemarks.
  • No entry made after 24 hours of the deadline shall be accepted at anycost.
  • In case the memorial of two or more participants/teams is found “exactly identical” to each other, both the participants/ teams shall bedisqualified.

1.2  FormattingGuidelines

  • All the submissions must be submitted in both Microsoft Word Document format (.doc/.docx) and PDF Format (.pdf) [i.e. each participant is required to send 2 files- One in MS Word format and one in PDF format].
  • The body of the submissions must be in the font „Times New Roman‟ with font size 12, with line spacing of 1.5 and justified. (The Font size for the Headings can be formatted as per the choice of the participants)
  • The Footnotes shall be in Times New Roman, size 10, single line spacing, justified.
  • Harvard Bluebook (19th Edn.) style of citation must be resorted to throughout the memorials.

1.3 Penalties

  • The non-adherence of sub-rule i shall attract the penalty of 5marks
  • The non-adherence of sub-rule ii, iii, and iv shall attract the penalty of 1 mark each discrepancy.

1.4       Content of the Draft

The Draft must contain all of, and only, the following components:

  • Cover page; which shouldcontain
  • The Unique team code in the upper right-handcorner.
  • The name of the forum before which the proceedings are beingconducted;
  • The year of the Competition;
  • The name of thecase;
  • The Cover Page should be Plain white and should not becoloured.
  • Table ofContents;
  • Table ofAbbreviations;
  • Index ofAuthorities;
  • Statement ofJurisdiction;
  • Facts of theCase;
  • IssuesRaised;
  • Initial Arguments/Pleadings;
  • Prayer;
  • Table ofannexures.

NOTE: The overall length of the memorial shall not exceed 10 pages. Non-compliance shall result in a penalty of 2 marks for every additional page

  1. Annexures(optional)If a participant/team wishes to submit any annexures to support or supplement his/her arguments contained in the memorial [for instance: Reports, Commentaries, News Clippings, Pictures, videos etc.], it can be sent as files attached in the same email which contains the memorial. HOWEVER, the number of annexure must not exceed12.Each annexure must be properly named as “Team Code- „yourcode‟Anx. 1” and a reference to that annexure must be given at relevant places in the footnotes of the memorial.

1.6       Evaluation of the Memorial

Each memorial shall be evaluated on the following parameters:

Standard of evaluationMarks
Knowledge of   Law  and  Facts  of                  theproposition20
Proper and Articulate Analysis20
Extent and Use of Research20
Clarity and Organization15
Grammar and Style15
Correct format and Citation style10



  • First Position: Cash Prize: Rs. 1500/- + E-Certificate  of excellence+ Internship Opportunity (Six-month editorship may be offered in case of exceptional writing skills)
  • Second Position: Cash Prize: Rs700/- + E-Certificate of Excellence + Internship Opportunity (Six-month editorship may be offered in case of exceptional writing skills)
  • Third Position: E- Certificate ofExcellence + Internship Opportunity
  • Position 4-10:  E-Certificate of Merit
  • INR 200 off on any of  courses run by Memo Punditsto the Top 10 participants / teams.
  • All other participants would be entitled to receive E- participation certificates (E-certificate of appreciation CAN also be awarded in case of remarkable works)
  • 10% Discount on the 6 Days Drafting Course by Legal Utility starting from October 05, 2020

Note: In case of team participation, the co-author to the winning entry, if any, shall share the prize with the first author.

Contact Information

All queries can be sent on or by Whatsapp at +91 9340703948 or +91 9893722513.

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