Corporate Combo course by Le Droit India

This is a combo course offer, for a limited period of time. Get access to all the major corporate legal courses and enhance your knowledge along with your C.V at just INR-1800/-

We have created this combo to provide you all the required knowledge, in one place. If you are thinking we’ll just provide bookish knowledge in here then No! you’ll gain actual practical knowledge as well through these courses. What else do you need? Grab your seat!!

Below are the courses provided in this offer:-

Course-1 -Contract law & Drafting

Course Content


  1. What are Contracts?
  2. Types of Contracts:-On the basis of its enforcement
  3. On the basis of mode of creation
  4. On the basis of the extent of execution
  5. E-Contracts and its validity.


  1. Standard Form of Contracts
  2. Importance of Standard form of contracts
  3. Types of Standard form of Contracts:-
  4. Master Service Agreements
  5. Non-Disclosure Agreements
  6. Consortium Agreements

    MODULE 3:
  1. Registration of Contracts
  2. Contracts which require registration
  3. Contract’s which don’t require registration
  4. Stamping
  5. Attestation & Notarisation


  1. Breach of Contract
  2. Common Breaches
  3. Damages
  4. Types of Damages
  5. Remedies for breach of contract


  1. Drafting of a contract:-
  2. Operating Clause
  3. Boiler plate Clauses
  4. Risk mitigation clauses
  5. Sample Contracts.

Actual Price of the course: INR 1200/-

Note: Only Contract law &Drafting course materials will be released on 20th October.


Course Content:

  1. What is Company and Act regulating companies in India;
  2.  Difference between Companies Act 1956 &2013;
  3. Types of Companies;
  4. Articles of Association &  Memorandum of Association;
  5. How to incorporate Indian Company as well Foreign Company;
  6. Documents Required for incorporation of a company;
  7. Procedure.

Actual price of the course- INR 350/-


Course Content:

  1. Introduction to M&A,
    Why Companies buy each other?
    Types of M&A,
  2. Methods of M&A,
  3. Difference between Mergers and Acquisitions,
  4. How to save your organisation from Hostile acquisitions?
  5. Documents involved in M&A Process,
  6. Responsibilities and Duties of analyst/associate at each stage of M&A transaction.

Actual Price of the course- INR 600/-


Course Content-

  1. What is ODR?
  2. Difference between ODR &ADR,
  3. Areas of ODR,
  4. ODR Methods,
  5. Best ODR method,
  6. ODR Platforms.

Actual Price of ODR course-INR 200/-

Total Course Price- 1200+350 + 600 + 200= 2,350/-    
Amount Payable- 2,350/-   INR 1800/-

Course Material-

You’ll be provide a soft copy of the course material along with a revisional video. You can take ample of time you want to complete these courses, there’s no time bar to it as you’ll be having life long access to the course materials.


  • E-Certificate that will enhance your C.V
  • A peek into the practical world.

How you’ll be judged?

After completion of the course, send us  an email at with the subject “(Name of the course) Complete”, we’ll send you the assignment which you have to submit to us within 48 hours. After going through your assignments we’ll send you the soft copy of your certificates.

How to register?

We believe that education should not be a luxury, it should be affordable for all that’s why we are providing quality education at affordable prices. To register kindly make the payment first of INR 1800, and make a note of transaction ID , after making the payment fill up the registration form below, to buy this course.You can also Paytm or Gpay us at 9527733855

To pay click here.

Registration Form

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