Webinar on Testamentary and Succession Laws by Jurisdictio Omnis

About the organisation

Jurisdictio Omnis is a platform to inspire, encourage and develop legal understanding of students and other people through seminars/ webinars, competitions, courses, blogs, and other publications on law – related matters. The main vision of Jurisdictio Omnis is to help individuals navigate their way through the legal profession and provide clarity about the existing legal system.

About the webinar

Jurisdictio Omnis is organising a webinar on a very unique concept of Law i.e. Testamentay and Succession law. This is a topic which is not discussed much about therefore through this webinar the participants will get to know about the laws related to drafting of wills. E-Certificates will be provided to all participants.

Speaker: Adv. Bhalchandra Saraf (Bombay HC)
Date & Time: 10th April 2021, 5pm
Fees: Free
Eligibility: Everyone can join
Google Meet (Online)

Registration link:


Contact Us: writetous@jurisdictioomnis.in

JO official: 9082117910 
Riddhi Shah: 9769660162

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