The following are the rules and regulations for the 1st Lex Macula Client Counselling competition.

  1. The competition will be held virtually for a period of 3 days from 10th to 12th October 2020.
  2. The registration fee for the competition is INR 800 per team.
  3. Each team shall consist of 2 participants who qualify the eligibility criteria.
  4. The competition shall be conducted in accordance with the rules mentioned hereunder. Participants are required to comply with the rules and procedures prescribed herein.
  5. Official email for all correspondence with respect to the Competition is info@lexmacula.org.
  6. The Inaugural Function and Orientation of Participants will be held on 10th October, 2020 at 9:00 am and is to attended by all participants.
  7. The Competition shall consist of the following Rounds: (a) The Preliminary Rounds (10th October 2020); (b) The Quarter-Final Rounds (11th October 2020) (c) The Semi- Final Rounds (11th October 2020); and (d) The Final Round (12th October 2020).
  8. No approval from the respective institute of the participants is required for participation.
  9. There are a limited number of seats and the registration of participants will be confirmed on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.


Students of three year and five-year law degree courses from any University/Law School/College/Department are eligible to apply for registration of their team.


Each team shall consist of two persons that qualify the eligibility criteria. The participants may be from different University/Law School/College/Departments.


  1. The registration fee shall be Rs. 800/- (eight hundred only) for each team. The registration fee shall be non-refundable and non-transferable.
  2. The last date for registration is 11:59 p.m. IST, 5th October 2020.
  3. ONLINE GOOGLE FORM to register – https://forms.gle/qx6PJngBKjJ8M4LB9
  4. Once a team registers by completing the formalities given, a Code (hereinafter “Team Code”) shall be assigned to the team by 8th October 2020.
  5. According to Draw of lots, which will be conducted on 9th October 2020, the office for all the sessions will be conveyed to the participants prior to the event.
  6. The organizing committee has the exclusive right to decide in case of any dispute related to the registration. The decision of the organizing committee in such a case shall be final.


The official language for the Competition shall be English only.


The dress code for the competition is business formals. Gowns and bands are not permitted to be worn by the participants in the competition. Non adherence to dress code shall attract penalty


The Client Counselling preposition for the 1st Lex Macula Client Counselling Competition 2020 is based on Family Laws, Constitutional Laws, Law of Crimes, Contract Law, Property Laws and the Law of Torts.

Note: The participants are expected to have knowledge of other ancillary laws and procedures.


A training session will be organised for all participants of the 1st Lex Macula Virtual Client Counselling Competition on 3rd October 2020. The guest speaker will discuss the general rules and procedure of the competition. The speaker will also discuss efficient means of client counselling with all attendees. It is not mandatory to attend the training session. The meeting details of the training session will be sent to all participants via email prior to the session.

PRELIMINARY ROUNDS (10th October 2020)

  1. Each team of two participants will present themselves as Advocates in a lawyer’s chamber. It is not necessary that both participants join the meeting room jointly and may join the session individually.
  2. All teams will go through a 25-minute session in the preliminary round. The session will include- a Consultation Session (15-Minutes) with the client, a private Discussion Session (5-Minutes) and a Post-Consultation Session (5-Minutes) with the judges.
    1. The Consultation Session: The first 15 minutes are allotted to the team for a consultation session with the client. The counsels are required to extract the necessary information from the client during this session. The counsels are expected to elicit the relevant information, articulate the problems and create a summary of the problems faced by the client.
    2. The private Discussion session: During the discussion session of 5 minutes, the counsels will be discussing the client’s concerns and the legal work to be undertaken, without the client present in the meeting chamber room. The participants should talk to each other loudly enough to be overheard by the judges. Judges may question the teams during the post consultation period.
    3. The Post-Consultation session: The remaining time from the total time as specified above will be for post-Consultation period i.e. the last 5 minutes in all the respective rounds are devoted for post consultation. The counsels are expected to summarize the consultation session and indicate what legal work has to be undertaken to assist the client. They are expected to indicate the scope of the legal work to be undertaken, and state the legal issues that should be researched. During this session, the counsels need to be clearly audible to the judges. The participants may discuss fees at any appropriate point in the consultation.

QUARTER FINAL ROUND (11th October 2020)

Qualified teams will go through a 25 minutes Session in the Quarter- Final round. The session will include both – a Consultation Session (15 Minutes), a Discussion Session (5 Minutes) and a Post-Consultation Session (5 Minutes).

SEMI FINAL ROUND (11th October 2020)

Qualified teams will go through a 30 minutes Session in the Semi – Final round. The session will include both – a Consultation Session (20 Minutes), a Discussion Session (5 Minutes) and a Post-Consultation Session (5 Minutes).

FINAL ROUND (12th October 2020)

Qualified teams will go through a 40 minutes Session in the Final round. The session will include both – a Consultation Session (25 Minutes), a Discussion Session (5 Minutes) and a Post-Consultation Session (10 Minutes).


Judging CriteriaMarks Allotted


  1. Misconduct, whether behavioural or otherwise, is not allowed and if indulges shall result in disqualification of team.
  2. Any discussion with client before competition.
  3. Cheating or using unfair means.
  4. Intimidation in any form is prohibited, and if found indulged shall result in disqualification of the team.


  1. The Organizers shall not be responsible for any loss due to slow or non-functional Internet Connection during the Competition. We request all the participants to arrange a sound Internet Connection.
  2. The decision of the Judges shall be final regarding the outcome of the Rounds.
  3. No additional documentation or screensharing will be allowed.
  4. The Organizers reserve the right to take any action against unethical, wrongful or unprofessional conduct.
  5. Scouting is not allowed under any circumstances and may lead to disqualification. You are requested to exit the call after your session is over.
  6. If there is any situation, not covered by the Rules, the decision of the Organizers shall be final and binding.
  7. The Organizers reserve the right to amend the rules. However, due notice shall be provided to all participating teams.
  8. Selection will be on first come first basis as there will be limited seats.
  9. The participants are always required to comply with the rules formulated by the Organizing Committee during the competition. In case of any non- compliance with the rules of the competition, penalty may be imposed by deduction of marks and the teams may also be disqualified after they have been warned once.
  10. The clients for the competition will be provided internally by Lex Macula.


  1. Best Team – 6,000/- (Six Thousand Rupees)
  2. 1st Runner up to Best Team – 4,000/- (Four Thousand Rupees)
  3. Best Counsel – 3,000/- (Three Thousand Rupees)

The announcement of the results will be provided on our Website, our social media handles as well as through the emails. All participants will be given an e-certificate to acknowledge their efforts and hard work throughout the course of this event.

For further assistance, please contact the undersigned.

Email: info@lexmacula.org

  1. Raghav Singhal 8860190782
  2. Aryaman Sharma 9953745660
  3. Krisha Baweja 8860059481

Applications Open for Campus Ambassador: Lawcutor

About the Campus Ambassador Program

Campus Ambassador Program is basically a campus based promotion of a firm, organization, company, etc. With the change in scenario promotion through social media or otherwise is not enough, students crave for what is real and reliable. Through a campus ambassador program they can know about the company transparently which increases their interest to avail the services of the same.

Main tasks for Campus Ambassador Program

• Social Media Marketing- Campus Ambassador have to circulate the e-posters through email, mailing-list, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. They should be up to date about all the programs and events organised by Lawcutor. utilize official website and social media to spread awareness amongst students.
• In college promotion- College promotion include displaying all the banners and other information on the notice boards to promote Lawcutor.
• Seminars- This asks for joint association of the college & Lawcutor and the campus ambassador plays an important role in building their relationship with each other. The campus ambassador have to organise seminars in their college in association with Lawcutor.
• Interview- The campus ambassador have to conduct interviews of faculty members, students and others to understand the basic problem they are facing and taking the merit of which, Lawcutor should frame program to cure such problem and making them believe that Lawcutors solves real-time problems.
• Depending on the expertise and background of the ambassadors, they will be divided into different functions, namely, volunteer, photographer, rapporteur, content writer, etc.

Advantages of being a Campus Ambassador

• It develops your multiple skills such as leadership, public speaking, etc.
• Campus Ambassador becomes the face of the college.
• Enhance your resume.
• Less time taking- just have to work 7-8 hours a week.


• Should be an undergraduate/postgraduate student in a Law college/university.
• Should be a self-motivated and responsible individual with excellent organizational, managerial and communication skills.
• Should have a desire to bring positive social change.

Terms and Conditions

• This position is tenured, part-time, voluntary, and unpaid.
• Lawcutor is looking for a commitment of at least 1 month.
• Maximum 2 Campus Ambassadors can be selected from a particular college/university.
• A certificate of appreciation will be awarded on successful completion of tenure as well as the duties assigned.

How to apply

If you are looking for the opportunity then, apply here





Etching the Path-Campus ambassador Program

Etching the Path brings to you all its campus ambassador program.


The Campus Ambassador is a person who builds a relation between the organisation and the Campus. The basic activities involved in this program is the promotion of the organisation at all platforms. The program shall aim in building the confidence among the campus ambassadors and also to build a friendly relation with the outside world.


  1. Social Media Marketing
    The Campus Ambassadors at Etching the Path are suppose to promote the poster of Etching the Path at all social media which includes, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram and Twitter.
  2. In College Promotion
    The Campus Ambassadors at Etching the Path should spread an awareness in their college about the Etching the Path, they need to do in-college promotion which includes displaying the poster and banners in the college, introducing their mates with the Etching the Path.


  1. The Campus ambassador will be able to develop skills such as leadership, public speaking etc.
  2. The program will enhance your resume.
  3. Discounts on the events of Etching the Path will be given to campus ambassadors.
  4. Membership opportunity will be offered to the Campus Ambassadors.
  5. Minimal time of 9-10 hours a week is required for work as the Campus Ambassador at Etching the Path.


  1. The position is tenured, part-time, voluntary and unpaid,
  2. The commitment of minimum Two months is required as the Campus ambassador at Etching the Path.
  3. Certificate of completion will be awarded on successful completion of tenure as well as the duties assigned.


Apply for the Campus Ambassador program filling the form.