LeDroit India has come up with this free certificate course on Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place to create awareness about this serious issues in the society. The bruises and the scars may vanish but the pain inflicted remains forever. A little knowledge about the rights, a little information about the boundaries can help us in achieving our motive of making our surroundings safe for women again.


1.What is Sexual Harassment?

2.Scope of Sexual Harassment laws.

3.Complaints Committee.

4.How to file a complaint in case of sexual harassment?

5.Punishment for false or malicious complaint and false evidence.

6. Duties of Employer.


Self paced course .


After completion of the course, students need to send an email at ledroitonline@gmail.com with the subject “(Name of the course) Complete”. LeDroit will send the MCQ Test  to the students which they have to submit within 48 hours. After evaluating the test, LeDroit will send the soft copy of the certificates to the concerned students.


 Free Certificate

Registration link :



About IJALR (ISSN: 2582-7340) 

IJALR (ISSN: 2582-7340) is an international, quarterly, peer-reviewed, online journal that provides an interactive platform for the publication of Short Articles, Long Articles, Book Reviews, Case Comments, Research Papers, Essays in the field of Law. It is a platform to promote legal research among law students across India. 

About the Course

Drafting is a key to success for a law student as it is very necessary for the legal field. Through this course, we will teach you the fundamentals of Criminal Drafting. The course is mixture of substantive law and procedural law. The idea is to train students to ensure that when they enter legal profession they don’t have to start from scratch and be on mercy of other to teach them. Through this course, the instructor will ensure that the students can do basic drafting work of their own. This course will also have special lectures through which students will learn how to do research for writing a research paper.

About the Course Instructor

Adv. Rahul Tiwari, Founding & Managing Partner at LNS Associates Gurugram (Ministry of Corporate Affairs registered), Advocate at Delhi High Court.

Advocate Rahul Tiwari completed his legal education from New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune. He has also obtained his LLM, with 8.35 CGPA (Distinction Holder), specializing in Cyber Crime & Economic offense. He is a Judicial Service Aspirant with a strong passion for Legal Research and Public Speaking.

He has presented 25 Research papers in various international and national seminars, in Denmark, NLSIU Bangalore, BHU, CNLU Patna, IIT Hyderabad, NLU Odisha, IIIT Allahabad, Delhi University. Apart from legal practice and research, he loves teaching students (Colleges & School). He has been invited as a Guest Speaker on 10 Webinars where he taught law students about the basics of Criminal & Constitutional Law. He has also chaired the panel and hosted various webinars on the topic Media Trails & Fake News.

He has also been invited to NLU Delhi as a Resource Person in a national conference on the Protection of Women from sexual harassment at the workplace.

After passing out from his law school, he has worked on Babri Masjid Demolition case under AOR MR Shamshad as Research Associate.

His areas of Interest are Criminal Law, Cyber Law & Security, Artificial Intelligence Law, and Corporate Litigation. 


20th March- 30th April


All law students and Professionals.

The Course is comprised of the following Modules:

1. How to draft a Legal Notice.
2. How to draft FIR and what the complainant must do when the FIR is refused.
3. How to draft a complaint to a magistrate under section 200 CrPC
4. How to Draft a complaint u/s 138 of NI Act.
5. How to draft condonation of delay under section 5 of Limitation Act.
6. How to draft interim application such as

  • Transfer of Application from one court to another.
  • Application for Non-Appearance on the date of hearing

7. How to draft an amendment of a criminal complaint

8. How to draft a protest petition.

9. How to draft revision petition.

10. How to draft bail application

11. How to draft Criminal Appeal.

12. How to draft Quashing of FIR under section 482 CrPC.

13. How to do legal research for writing a research paper.

14. How to draft reply to police when the police issues summons to produce a document or other thing under section 91 CrPC.

15. How to draft a Domestic Violence complaint. 

16. Special Classes on Media Trails and its Legal Remedies & Fake News.

17. Classes on Probation of Offender Act.

NOTE: There will be 11 live sessions and all these modules and judgments will be delivered in between the dates.

Last date of Registration

15th March 2021 

Course Fee

The Course Fee is just INR 99/-

Certificate & Career Guidance

All the participants will be given an e-certificate after successful completion of the course with professional guidance on their career goals.

Mode of Payment

Participants can make payment through the following method:
Google Pay, PhonePe & Paytm at – 99911-40223
Participants have to pay via the above-mentioned payment method and then register themselves through the registration link given below:

Payment once done will not be refunded.

For any Queries mail us at ijalrcourse@gmail.com or follow us on the below link:


Whatsapp: +9199911-40223

Project Rajaswala: Series of Events by Think India, Himachal Pradesh


The Think India, Himachal Pradesh Chapter has been established as a subsidiary of Think India Organization in line with the common goals and objectives. We, at Think India, are committed to becoming the beacon of change that may lead to a positive impact on the life of students. The organization embraces various organs and initiatives started with the motive of helping young minds to match their steps with the fast-moving world. The Think India organization works for various causes such as promoting social harmony, upliftment of rural India, supporting gender justice, and initiating and encourage India-centric thoughts and activities on campuses and among the intelligentsia, etc.


“Project Rajaswala” is a drive to share knowledge and spread awareness about the issues surrounding menstruation. It seeks to reach out to young girls via multiple platforms, providing them with a forum to learn about menstrual hygiene management and share their own experiences about menstrual taboos, choices, and practices. These events area fund-raising event by Think India and Adhyayan Foundation and all the amount collected will be used to buy sanitary napkins which is to be distributed in villages on 8th March 2021 by Team.

Event 1: Poetry Writing Competition

  • Poetry Writing (Hindi category)
  • Poetry Writing (English category)

Theme is “Breaking Free of Stigma of Menstruation”. Participants can choose sub- theme under this broad theme. All poetry styles are considered.The minimum word limit permissible for Poetry writing competition shall be 50 words. Creative submission will also be accepted.

Event 2: Slogan Writing Competition

  • Slogan Writing (Hindi category)
  • Slogan Writing (English category)

Theme is “All About Mensuration”. This competition can be amalgamation of art and writing, participants can also draw pictures to help demonstrate their ideas. The maximum word limit permissible for Slogan writing competition shall be 25 words.You can be as creative as you want, but your amalgamation must be clearly conveying your idea behind the theme and idea.

Event 3: Story Writing Competition

  • Story Writing (Hindi category)
  • Story Writing (English category)

Theme is “Confronting Challenges and Overcoming Taboos About Menstruation?”. Participants can choose sub- theme under this broad theme. The word limit permissible for story shall be 500 to 2500 words. Creative submission is also accepted.

Event 4: Quiz Competition

Questions will be asked to check the awareness of a participant on basic facts related to menstruation. Further through practical based questions the necessary sensitivity related to the topic will be adjudged. An extraordinary knowledge of the facts or situations are not expected from a participant.

The quiz shall take place Online and it will include only Multiple-Choice Questions in English Language. The quiz is open for all. It will be conducted on 28th February 2021.


This competition is open to Resident Indian citizens only above the age of 14 years (as on 01st January 2021) irrespective of their Education, Profession/Occupationetc.

The Registration fee is Rs. 50/- per event to participate in the Competition.If a person wants to participate in all Four events: 100/-. Multiple entries are allowed, but each entry must be sent and registered separately.

Separate Rulebooks for each event will be provided to participants after their successful registration. 

All the Entries i.e., slogan and poetry must be original and should not violate anyone else rights. Entries must not contain any provocative, objectionable or inappropriate content.


Participants who stand at 1stand 2ndposition in each category (i.e., Slogan writing – Hindi&English, Poetry writing – Hindi& English, Story writing – Hindi&Englishand Quiz), will get “exciting Prizes”, “Certificate of Merit” and “Letter of Appreciation”/ “Letter of Recommendation”. Also, for the Poetry and Story writing competition, participant will get a chance to present their poetry or story at national event via online medium. 

In addition to the above prizes, Think India is at liberty to award “ConsolationPrize” to such participant who could not make it to first two positions but his/her work is of great quality.

Awards and Certificates to the participant and winning contestants shall be given at the Valedictory Ceremony which is scheduled to be held on 8th March 2021 (16:00 IST) at an Online Event.

All participants whose entries have been submitted successfully shall be awarded “Certificate of Participation”.


The registration and submission of entries is to be made on or before 12:00 hrs (IST) on 25th February 2021.

The participant must pay and get themselves register through the link below and soft copy of entries for evaluation must be submitted at the same only. After successful submission of the entry, the participant will receive an acknowledgement of the same with the Entry code &other guidelines.

Click Here to Register Yourself

For any Query:

Write at thinkindiahimachalpradesh@gmail.com or Contact to

Subham Saurabh
Events Coordinator

Internship Opportunity by Lexopedia

About Lexopedia:

Lexopedia is a comprehensive legal and trusted platform for scholars, academicians, professionals and students in the field of law which aim to provide legal update, to assist with study material by providing an amicus atmosphere to study and to provide all law related information at a single platform with a vision to make awareness in the public for law and to enhance the capability of individual to think and innovate their own perception in many ways for socio concerned.

And here, we are with an opportunity to apply the law by application of critique mind to make law reasonable and understandable with a chance to know yourself.

Vacancy is available for below positions:

1. Content Writer:

  • To write legal news for 4days in a week upon daily basis in your own words and to search for updated content, or
  • To prepare two case briefs of recent and landmark case laws upon weekly basis, or
  • to write one article or blog upon contemporary legal issue upon weekly basis


  • Undergraduate or Post graduate law students enrolled in any institution.
  • Should have an analytical writing skill
  • devoted to work commitment


  • 2 months or 3 months as per selected by applicant under registration form

Seats Available:

  • For Legal News Writer: 3seats
  • For Case Briefs Writer: 7seats
  • For Article/ blog Writer: 5 seats

To apply click here : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeOP3tHNhmnHCTRCHCwcxvWD2-DHZZzVuUZmBTRMwSVLA6KiQ/viewform


  • Opportunity of publication of your content with due credit to you
  • Assured one-time publication to all members on the Lexopedia Blog.
  • Upon the completion of the tenure, would avail a Certificate.
  • Get an exclusive opportunity to permanently join our Core Team or to become head of your content area, if you outperform others.
  • Top 2 of each month get a Free CV Review by Professional Mentors.
  • Free entry to our flagship events during your tenure.
  • Avail exclusive discounts on our events through our tie-ups.
  • Enrich your writing skills by getting review of your content


There is no stipend involved.

2. Graphic Designer:

  • To create posters on two days in a week to be uploaded on the website of Lexopedia
  • All the content you will get by WhatsApp message


  • Any interested student having interest in Graphic designing
  • Should be acknowledged with the tools of various related Apps
  • devoted to work commitment


  • 2 months or 3 months as per selected by applicant under registration form

Seats Available:

  • 3 seats are vacated.

To apply click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeOP3tHNhmnHCTRCHCwcxvWD2-DHZZzVuUZmBTRMwSVLA6KiQ/viewform


  • Assured one-time publication to all members on the Lexopedia Blog.
  • All the designers, upon the completion of the tenure, would avail a Certificate.
  • Get an exclusive opportunity to permanently join our Core Team, if you outperform others.
  • Top 2 of each month get a Free CV Review by Professional Mentors.
  • Free entry to our flagship events during your tenure


  • There is no stipend involved.

3. Campus Ambassador:

  • Shine out by representing Lexopedia in your college and amongst your peers.
  • Share all the updates of Lexopedia on your Social Media Platforms and relevant groups.
  • Help us promote our events – Get registrations for our paid events and get a chance to earn on every such registration.
  • Keep us updated about the ‘To be launched’ events in your College/University.


  • Undergraduate or Post graduate law students enrolled in any institution.
  • devoted to work commitment


  • 2 months or 3 months as per selected by applicant under registration form
  • Only two students from same college will be selected for this post.

To apply click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeOP3tHNhmnHCTRCHCwcxvWD2-DHZZzVuUZmBTRMwSVLA6KiQ/viewform


  • Opportunity of earning upto 20%-50% on getting registrations for paid events.
  • Assured one-time publication to all members on the Lexopedia Blog.
  • All the envoys, upon the completion of the tenure, would avail a Certificate.
  • Get an exclusive opportunity to permanently join our Core Team, if you outperform others.
  • Top 5 of each month get a Free CV Review by Professional Mentors.
  • Free entry to our flagship events during your tenure.
  • Avail exclusive discounts on our events through our tie-ups.
  • Enrich your Communication Skills by building professional contacts.


  • There is no stipend involved.

Contact Information

To get more Information, Contact through WhatsApp Message @9783072418 or @6375750236 or E-mail at teamlexopedia@gmail.com


About Lex Inquizzitive Mind

Lex Inquizzitive Mind is the brainchild of few enthusiastic law students who started quizzing to save themselves from the boredom of law lectures, which later on turned as a passion for those students. The team of Lex Inquizzitive Mind believes that quiz can be conducted on any topic or subject which is available under the atmosphere. The team has conducted quiz events from classrooms to canteens and playgrounds to seminar halls to impart and roliferate the knowledge of law.

About the QUIZ Competition

It is based on Indian Penal Code, 1860.

Hence (Team Inquizzitive Mind) brings to you this Competition to learn and Cover this familiar topic. The participants will have the chance to bring back home exciting prizes. Participants will be put to daunting yet thought- provoking tests and only the real perseverant will come out on top.


Open for all age groups


Cash prize for Winner

Certificate of participation


Important Dates

  • Starting of registration: 28 January, 2021
  • Last date of registration: 21 February, 2021 (Till 12 Pm)
  • Date of competition: 21 February, 2021(7 PM)
  • Declaration of Results: 22 February, 2021


The registration fee is Rs.20 per participant.

Kindly  attach the screenshot of the payment receipt while filling the Registration Form. The last day of Registration is 21February, 2021 till 12:00 pm.

Payment can be made through: Google Pay/ Paytm-8638246614




  • The quiz shall take place online in the format of google form.
  • After registration closes, participants will be added in a WhatsApp Group.
  • The Quiz Link will be only provided in the said group.
  • The duration of the quiz is 15 minutes.
  • The quiz shall have 25 questions.
  • The question type shall be of multiple choice questions (MCQ).
  • Each question carries 2 mark.
  • There shall be no negative marking.
  • There are certain star marked questions which shall be used to resolve ties.
  • No responses after 7:15 pm  will be accepted.
  • Highest Scorer wins. If there is a tie between two participants, the person answering more star marked questions wins. If tie still persists sudden death will be used to resolve tie. Even after sudden death tie persists .. time factor will be considered to resolve tie.
  • Results will be declared in the WhatsApp group itself. No information regarding the same will be provided through email or individual WhatsApp message.
  • The results declared would be final and the authority vests with Team Lex Inquizzitive Mind.

Contact Details:

Gmail: lexinquizzitivemind10@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lex_inquizzitivemind/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Lex-Inquizzitive-Mind-101314411682888/

Whatsapp: 9859084045



Logically legal is an initiative to serve all law students, academicians, scholars, professionals by providing them a platform to explore about old and new dimensions of law. The idea behind this platform is to help every person related to law to get a grip with legal education. Our this initiative acts as a medium through which legal education can be evolved. It seeks to promote a platform for the publication of short articles, long articles, book reviews, case comments, research papers, essays, supreme court judgements and various landmark cases. We welcome contribution from legal braches as long as their work is original and unpublished, we also aim at planning online law quizzes, debates, essay competitions etc. to appreciate the knowledge of all the people around the globe.

Apart from this logically legal also imparts knowledge through social platform of YouTube where our members guide people on various legal topics as well as they resolve mostly asked queries.


Logically Legal believes that there is no other good deed like charity and charity of education is what God likes the most. We are on the path of Charity where we are trying to connect with the students and not only the students but with the citizens also. Education is not a business it is totally a kind of charity and Logically Legal trying to follow our tradition where charity is considered as Venerable and Sacred work. Our motto empowers us by providing the strength to enlighten the whole world with the power of education, as education of basic laws are important for people to get aware about their rights. That’s why, we are here to serve them, what they want to know, not quantitative nor qualitative but the exact.



Seedling School of Law & Governance, Jaipur National University, Jaipur B.A.,Ll.B (Hons.)- Aggregate: 79%

Litigation Associate at Sanjeev Singh and Associates, Advocates, New Delhi (June 01, 2018 till date).

  • Member, Young International Arbitration Group (YIAG)
  • Member, Young International Council of Commercial Arbitration (ICCA)


Dr. Sanskriti Srivastava is a gold medalist in law from university of Rajasthan. She is a 7 years experienced legal professional having worked in global MNCs. She has been teaching in universities like amity university Uttar pradesh, Vivekananda global university. She has won many moot court and debate competitions. She has written many research papers in the field of law. Her expertise is in Human Rights Law. She has been awarded as the most punctual employee of the month, Best teacher award. Dr Sanskriti Srivastava has organised many corporate as well as legal events.

3. Asst. Prof. ANIMESH JHA

Mr. Animesh Jha is Assistant Professor of Family Law at DNLU. He is an Alumni of Chanakya National Law University Patna where he completed his BA LL.B. in 2017, He Completed his LL.M. from Patna University in 2019. He cleared UGC NET in 2018 and was subsequently awarded Junior Research Fellowship in 2019. He has a vast experience in Moot Courts and Debates and has participated and won various prestigious National Moot Courts and Debates throughout his student career. He also served as Legal Consultant to Principal Secretary of Health and taught in various coaching institutes in Bihar prior to joining University. He has attended and presented papers in various international Seminars and have half a dozen publications to his credit in reputed journals. In Undergraduate program He served his University by heading various committees including Youth Parliament and Anti Ragging Cell. His area of interest including Criminal Laws, Jurisprudence and Laws related to Property. He has been constantly writing and spreading awareness about Indian School of Jurisprudence

Building Mooting Capacity Workshop

Date:- 7- 2-2021 to 9-2-2021

Time :- 4:30 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.

  1. Mr Prashant Tripathi.

Topic :- Procedure for Memorandum

Cover page

  • Table of contents (All sections ,headings and page numbers)
  • Index of Authorities ( scholarly work article and legal sources )
  • Index of cases (Court cases and arbitratal award )
  • Statements of facts
  • Summary of argument
  • Argument
  • Conclusion

2. Sanskriti Srivastava (8-2-2021)

Topic :- The art of oral arguments

Focus on speaking clearly and slowly ,without sounding unnatural or forced .

  • Maintain eye contact whenever possible.
  • Employ a formal ,respectful manner of speaking.

3. Animesh jha (9-2-2021)

Topic:- How to solve Moot problems.

Read your moot problem carefully, including the rules and regulations.

  • Look for the keywords to determine your points of research.
  • Do basic research to frame skeletal contentions or issues to be raised.
  • Try to find as many legal cases as possible to substantiate your arguments under every issue raised.
  • Gradually, with further research, you will feel the need to modify your contentions.
  • Better research will give way to better arguments advanced.

For More Information:-


+91- 6378292719

+91- 8426830860


Or you can DM on our Instagram , telegram and Facebook handle.

Registration link:


Crafting Careers by Rotaract Club of United Ranchi


Career counseling is an essential factor for identifying the real potential and guiding students towards a right career path. Students need to know the importance of career coaching and right guidance before they are going to choose an academic stream after taking the board exams. Career counseling will be helpful choosing a career goal, planning and give a direction to students for a better future ahead. Read here significance of career counseling and proper guidance for school students 

In current times, career counseling is a need as most students pick commonly known domains as their career option. Career counseling is an effort for students’ career guidance right from their school about the available career options as per their interest and stream of academics.

Date & Time

24th January 2021 (Sunday)
7Pm Onwards

Who Will Attend:-

Leading Schools


Experienced Faculties

Career coaches


The Salient Discussion Points In The Webinar Would Be:-

  • SWOT analysis on online teaching pattern.
  • Understand the emerging change about new education policy.
  • To device the methods of choosing field of interest after boards.
  • To deliberate light upon the less talked about career options.


  • One to one networking with top career counselors.
  • Dedicated exclusive presentation slots.
  • Explore new career and knowledge opportunities.
  • Panel discussions.

You will appreciate that an event of this magnitude will be difficult to manage without participation and support your organization. Your involvement and support would indeed make a great difference and we therefore humbly request you to give this initiative a big boost.


Register for the webinar by clicking:-

Zoom meeting
Zoom Id:- 96186178650
Passcode:- rotaract

Join WhatsApp group:-

Contact Details:-

Mr. Gautam Kumar

email id: gautam549kr@gmail.com

Mr. Prashant : +91 91101 28245

Online Internship Opportunity at The Amikus Qriae

About the Organization

The Amikus Qriae is the brainchild of several legal luminaries and eminent personalities across the country and the globe. The Amikus Qriae is a dream online the platform which aims at proliferating legal knowledge and providing an ingenious understanding and cognizance of various fields of law to make sure that legal knowledge and experience penetrates to every nook and corner of the ever-growing legal fraternity. Through ambitious and studious legal brains across the country, The Amikus Qriae aims at providing valuable contributions to contemporary legal issues and developments in the omnipresent field of law to the masses.

About the Opportunity

The Amikus Qriae takes immense pleasure to invite for online research & legal content writing internship for law students of both 5 years and 3 years law students


Student pursuing law degree in both 5 years and 3 years law courses and are interested to do research in contemporary legal issues and write short articles and blogs, case commentary, and make videos contemporary legal issues ,interested in drafting works and learning how to write judgement can apply for this exciting internship opportunity.


1. Certificate of Internship Completion

2. Letter of Recommendation for exceptional performances

3. Free Publication Opportunity & Publication Certificate for that purpose

4. Interactive session with former SC and HC Judges, Senior Advocates, Partners of Tier 1 law firms

5. Chances to work with the core team


2 months

Important Details

Last date for sending application is 15th January, 2021

Subject of the mail:- Applying for Internship

Students are requested to send their CV and Cover Letter at this mail id :- theamikusqriaecontent@gmail.com

For more information contact:- Rupam(7364006404)


About the Organization

Logically legal is an initiative to serve all law students, academicians, scholars, professionals by providing them a platform to explore about old and new dimensions of law. The idea behind this platform is to help every person related to law to get a grip with legal education. Our this initiative acts as a medium through which legal education can be evolved. It seeks to promote a platform for the publication of short articles, long articles, book reviews, case comments, research papers, essays, supreme court judgements and various landmark cases. We welcome contribution from legal branches as long as their work is original and unpublished, we also aim at planning online law quizzes, debates, essay competitions etc. to appreciate the knowledge of all the people around the globe.

Apart from this logically legal also imparts knowledge through social platform of YouTube where our members guide people on various legal topics as well as they resolve mostly asked queries.

About the Opportunity

Samvad is a debate that is being organized by logically legal on 24 Jan 2021. It is platform where candidates are free to give their point of view on the topic. This is going to be a place where giving your view won’t go vain. Each and every line will have its own value.


  • There will be 2 rounds:

The preliminary round

The final round

  • There will 20 members in one group.
  • Candidates are free to choose, whether they want to speak in favor of the motion or against the motion (Option is given at Google Form).
  • Each candidate in the group will get 5 minutes, 1minute for the introduction and rest 4 minutes to keep their point of view.
  • Each candidate have 2 minutes for rebuttal. For the rebuttal, name will be announced by our team member then after that participant allowed to speak.
  • Candidates can unmute themselves only when asked to do so.
  • Keeping the camera on/off is optional to the participants.
  • For any queries during the competition the candidates can put their queries in the chatbox. Team members according to the query will answer the questions.
  • After the 1st round is over, top two finalists will be announced.
  • Second round/ the final round will start after 15 min of interval.
  • In the final round is about the questioner round where the candidates will be asked a question depending on the judge and the candidates will have 3 minutes to answer the question.
  • After the question & answer round 2 minutes will be provided to the finalists for conclusion.
  • And the points of the candidates gained will decide the winner of SAMVAD.
  • Cash prize will given to the winner, within a week.
  • E- certificate will be provided to all the participants, within a week.

Date and Time

24/01/2020 (Sunday). 1 PM ONWARDS


Google meet. (Link will be provided to all the participants on the same day of Competition).

For More Information


+91- 6378292719

+91- 8426830860

Mail at:


Or you can DM them on Instagram (@logicallylegal) , telegram and Facebook handle.

For brochure, visit: https://logicallylegal.in


Google pay and Phone pay :- 9653787455

Paytm :- 9162579602


National Seminar 2021 by KiRit P Mehta School of Law, NMIMS

About the Organization

The Centre for Excellence was established as a research centre of NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, Mumbai in 2018. The Centre aims to significantly enhance legal research & development, through its integration with allied disciplines.

CFE engages in a discourse between various stakeholders to interact and exchange ideas. Democratic traditions of critical scrutiny of governmental institutions, executive powers, legal policies, judicial guidelines receive close examination. The centre endeavors to promote effective ideas as recommendations to various policy-making institutions for making existing legal provisions more humane. All new ideas and innovations germinating from budding legal minds that work towards access to justice is welcomed and shaped by expert resource persons. In its endeavor to promote research and training in the domain of Law and allied fields, the Centre aims to conduct National Seminar with diverse themes for soliciting quality articles from acclaimed experts, and students in essential dissemination of knowledge. Researchers can look forward to an engaging experience in CFE’s seminar during presentation of papers, and receive expert inputs for developing it into quality research worthy of publication.

About the Opportunity

The 3rd edition of the NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law’s National Level Seminar, as spearheaded by the Centre for Excellence, aims to be an interdisciplinary forum for the fruitful exchange of knowledge. The program will consist of plenary, half plenary, invited and contributed papers falling broadly within the scope of the conference. Some of the invited papers may be tutorial in nature from keynote speakers, while others will review recent work in specialized fields.


Submissions in the form of 700-1000 words synopsis are invited from academicians, research scholars, and students. A presentation will be made by the participants through PPT or any other means of presentation, upon selection of their synopsis. Further, we will strongly encourage speakers to emphasize the presentation of new and unpublished work .The seminar shall be conducted on an online platform, which is yet to be decided by the organizers.

Theme of the Seminar


Text Box: Theme of the SeminarRole of Government in Media sector and Public Relations

Role of Private Bodies and Corporates in media sector and Public Relations

Media in Democracies and non-democratic polities

Ownership and control of media by government and private sector Media and Diversity

Competition and Regulation of monopoly in media Legal restrictions, regulations and self-regulation


Role of creative mediums in popular imagination

Trends in Advertising Industry and role of Advertising Standard Councils of India (ASCI)

Creativity v. Social Morality

Rise of internet-based content applications and web series

3.     Protecting Intellectual Property Rights In Media And Entertainment

Media Industry: From Innovation to IP

Protecting media and entertainment through Copyright (Protectable Works, Idea and Expression Dichotomy, Available Rights, Licensing) Copyright Infringement, Fair Use, and Available Defense Trademarks, Rights of Publicity and Merchandising

Monitoring for Piracy and Plagiarism

4. Crowd Media And Social Media Management In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence And Blockchain

Social Media v/s Crowd Media Legal Regulations for Social Media Self-regulation for Social Media

Social Media and Artificial Intelligence


Politics on Social Media Slander and Hate Speech Effect of Social Media on traditional Media Houses

Paid news and propaganda: Government and Corporate Houses Think-tanks and lobbyists: Shaping opinions through popular media Media Trial to Social Media Trials

Media coverage during Elections Media and Ethics

Abuse of power: Invasion of privacy and sensationalism Self-Regulation v/s Authority to regulate the media

Treacherous terrains: Whistleblowing and Investigative Journalism

Please Note- These Themes are not Exhaustive and the Author(s) is/are free to explore any other topic related to Media and Law

Author’s Guidelines

  1. Original research papers are welcomed on the above mentioned topic but not restricted to the sub-themes as given.
  • The paper can be co-authored. However, a maximum of three authors per entry is allowed.
  • The author(s) shall specify in the synopsis and the full paper :
    • Title of the paper with the sub-theme.
    • Names of author(s).
    • Name of the College/University.
    • Email address and contact number.
  • The Synopsis and the Full paper should be submitted in .doc/.docx format with the following specifications:
  • Font Type: Times New Roman
  • Font size: 12 pts
  • Line spacing: 1.5
  • Footnotes Font Type: Times New Roman
  • Footnotes : Font size: 10 pts
  • Footnotes Line spacing: 1
  • Margin to be of 1 inch on all sides
  • Citation: Any uniform pattern of citation.
  • Top 3 presenters will receive cash prizes
  • The participants are required to submit the final papers post the conference; the date for the same shall be communicated by the organizers during the seminar.

Important Dates

Last date for Synopsis submission – 17 January 2021

Communication for selected Synopsis -18 January 2021

Last date for payment of registration fees – 19 January 2021

Date of Seminar- 23 January 2021

Registration and Fees

Student Single Author- Rs. 500/-

Student Co-Authors (1)- Rs. 800/-

Students Co-Authors (2)- Rs.1000/-

Professionals/Academicians/Research Scholars- Rs.900/-

The synopsis, soft copy submissions, and queries related to the seminar should be addressed via email to kpmsol.nationalseminar@gmail.com


Director of the Seminar

Dr. Alok Misra (Dean, NMIMS School of Law)

Faculty In-Charge

Ms. Anu Mishra (Faculty Convener)

Mail id: anu.mishra@nmims.edu

Ms. Jharna Sahijwani (Faculty Co-Convener)

Mail id: jharna.sahijwani@nmims.edu

Student Co-ordinators

Swastika Nandwani (Chairperson) Ph No: +91 98213 13595

Hiteshi Wadhwani (Vice-Chairperson) Ph No: +91 94078 87013